Three Ways to Get Healthier This Fall

September has always been my favorite month... I love the crisper weather along with the chance to reflect and reset my expectations and goals for the coming months.

There's certainly no shortage of people, causes and responsibilities that need our attention right now and self-care is at the heart of making ourselves available to fulfill those needs. Beyond learning how to say NO when we need to, we also need to keep our tank filled to maintain our energy and compassion, avoid feeling drained (which can strain relationships and create resentment) and stay steady and positive to keep making a difference in your world.

Here are three simple ways to help keep yourself feeling alive and energized this fall:

1. Stay Hydrated: One of the biggest causes of fatigue and headaches is forgetting to drink enough water.  Mild dehydration can even cause mental fuzziness and impair our ability to concentrate. As a guideline, aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water, non-caffeinated tea or broth. Beginning your day with a cup of warm water with lemon and ending with a soothing cup of herbal tea can be a great start!

2. Don't Skip Meals: Skipping meals can cause your blood sugar levels to plummet (think: energy). This low energy can create brain fog, moodiness and cravings. Oftentimes these cravings lead to indulging in quick-energy foods like chips, bagels and candy which just makes blood sugar fluctuations worse and increases fatigue. Instead, enjoy a high-protein breakfast like this ginger pumpkin smoothie and keep nutrient-dense snacks like raw almonds or coconut chips in your bag for when energy dips. 

3. Get Table Minded:  Join with other members of the Table Minded community to help support your health this fall.

  • Fall Back-to-You Vital Reset: Join us at LoYa Yoga for a 4-week community-based wellness program featuring a 21-day nutrient-dense, whole foods meal plan along with supportive lifestyle practices like sleep, movement and mindfulness. Starts September 26. 
  • Using Food to Rebalance Your Hormones: Come join me for an evening out to chat about why managing your hormones may be the missing piece to improving your sleep, energy and weight issues and which foods can help keep them in check at one of my favorite local eateries, The Squirrel and the Bee. Monday 10/19 from 7:30 - 9 PM. 

So stop apologizing for going to bed early and passing on that glass of wine... the world needs you right now!


Amy Jackson Rind

Amy Rind works with busy women to reclaim their lives from the health burdens of stress, aging and fatigue. With practical, real food changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can truly begin to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Journey into healing by identifying your unique nutrition needs that will help you and your family feel better, think better and create the life you were meant to live.

Amy earned her 700-hour nutrition consultant certification with honors from Bauman College. She also holds a B.A. in Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross.