21-Day Fall Back-to-Balance Program

Fall is the perfect time to say goodbye to the indulgences of summer and recommit to a healthier you.  But it's hard when you are doing it alone and not sure what the best way is to reset your health compass.

The Fall Back-to-Balance Program is a supportive, community-based wellness program that focuses on facilitating optimal digestion and health and re-energize through a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet along with supportive practices like sleep, movement and mindfulness. 

By focusing on your whole self, this program can help you:
-    Reduce inflammation
-    Improve digestion
-    Aid weight loss by boosting metabolism
-    Build energy and mental focus
-    Strengthen immunity
-    Feel confident about eating mindfully and nourishing your body and mind

In the Fall Back-to-Balance Program, you will embark on a journey to put yourself first and treat your body and mind respectfully and lovingly. Through group support and journaling, you will also start identifying and moving through your own personal health barriers. This combination of diet, lifestyle and mindset changes can help bring about longer-lasting well-being and self-care. 

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