Initial Consultation


One 75-minute session

The focus of the initial consultation is to get to know you better - your journey, your goals, your struggles - and create a get-started plan that meets your specific needs. We will discuss your health history and review your current diet + lifestyle choices along with what you want your life to look like and what is motivating you to make changes.

After our session together, you will receive a personal action plan with nutrition + lifestyle strategies that meet your individual needs. You will also receive any additional resources, e.g. recipes, how-to’s, handouts, references, that we together identify will be valuable to your success.

You will continue to have follow-up support via the client portal. Most clients sign on for a support package at their initial consultation if they haven’t done so already. Others schedule follow up sessions to check in and continue to make progress toward health goals.

Schedule a discovery session to learn more or go ahead and schedule your initial consultation.

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