SHINE BRIGHT:  The Details

What does the program include?

  • 21-Day Shine Bright Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidebook, including weekly meal plans, shopping lists and know-how

  • The Shine Bright Cookbook: Easy-to-make, incredibly delicious recipes that will become your favorites

  • Community: Weekly support and education sessions and private online group

  • Inspiration: Daily emails with ideas and resources

  • Journaling: Personal daily writing and mindful activity

OPTIONAL: Supercharge your 3-weeks with a daily rejuvenating broth or soup from Jolie Life

What does the meal plan look like?

For three weeks, you can follow our amazingly delicious, flexible and simple nutrient-dense meal plan which focuses on leafy and crunchy vegetables, complex carbohydrates and low-glycemic fruits, clean proteins, healthy fats, nourishing teas and health-boosting foods. The plan will not include potentially-inflammatory foods and beverages such as dairy, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. By following the plan, you will learn to assemble, prepare and enjoy delicious, nutrient-dense recipes and meals and incorporate top anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and supportive superfoods. The meal plan offers easy-to-prepare options for breakfast, lunch and dinner each week as well as a “mindful plate” template for dining out or travel. Or you can do you and create your own meals with our supportive nutrition guidelines in mind!

By including a weekly shopping trip and prep day, participants can expect to spend about 15-20 extra minutes each day preparing their meals. While the meal plan is not vegetarian, the plan can be easily customized to be vegetarian-friendly or suit those with other specific diet considerations.

Can you tell me more about this rejuvenating broth or soup option?

We also offer the option to add a daily, locally-made nourishing broth and/or soup each day from the beautiful kitchen of Julia Erickson of Jolie Life. Each soup is packed with the perfect formula to both cleanse and vitalize your body and mind. You can choose to receive five nutrient-packed mineral (vegan) broths each week (for three weeks) or five broths plus five rejuvenating soups each week. Soups and broths will be available at each weekly session unless other arrangements are made. You also have the option of adding on week by week. Just email Amy ( or Julia ( with any special requests.

What happens at the weekly sessions? Do I have to attend these?

Four weekly sessions are included to give participants the opportunity to learn relevant information about nutrition and lifestyle strategies to support your mood, metabolism and stress response, ask any questions that might come up and support (and be supported by) fellow participants. It is expected that participants will make every effort to attend the sessions for the best results and experience. Some topics we will cover include discovering the right eating approach for you (you are unique!), supporting hormones and metabolism through food, the role of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, how to make healthy eating work for your busy lifestyle and using mindful get unstuck from your relationship with food.

In between sessions the work is mostly up-to-you with the support of a judgment- free private online community as well as daily emails and inspiration.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • The role of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates

  • How to make healthy eating work for your busy lifestyle

  • The importance of pure water and herbal teas

  • How to practice mindful eating

  • The toxic role of stress

  • The role of movement, sleep and breathing in helping you detoxify

For more information, email