Stuff I Recommend

There are so many products I am passionate about that I like to share those that are part of my life with you. I do receive a small fee or discount from these partners and in turn, am able to pass along discounts to you.


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High Quality Supplements

High-quality supplements can be very important and helpful to fill in the gaps between one’s diet and the nutrients they receive as well as to enhance the body’s natural ability to detoxify, heal and metabolize.

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Jolie Super Foods

Jolie Founder Julia Erickson’s philosophy is to heal your body from the inside - where it really matters - with food.  Her food, broth and juice menus are designed to give you more energy, better health, weight loss, and glow. Use code: RENEW to receive a 10% discount.


Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas offer 100% unaltered, organic, and wildcrafted teas made from the freshest herbs and tea leaves, packaged in bleach-free bags.