Amy was instrumental in helping me truly become well. Her approach to using food as medicine has helped to clear my skin and jumpstart weight loss when no other method would do so for me. Amy helped to filter all of the wellness information available in today’s world to create a protocol that was easy to follow and made me bullet proof toward cravings and past “diet” roadblocks. Working with Amy has changed my life and that of my family for the better.
— AH - Morristown, NJ

I loved working with Amy. She shares wisdom and inspiration without being preachy or judgmental. I was fascinated to learn about the healing powers of certain foods and the unhealthy properties of some things I always thought were good for me. Amy helped me make little tweaks in meal planning and diet that make a big difference in how I feel.
— BW - Summit, NJ

Amy’s program was completely tailored to fit my lifestyle to ensure success. Amy even included notes on the menu when to set up the crock pot and how to prep veggies for the week. The recipes were family friendly and seasonal allowing me to shop at the local farmers market. Most importantly, she taught me how to eat healthier and gave us the confidence that we could maintain the healthy eating lifestyle long term.

Surprisingly, from the very first day on her program I started to see positive results. Over the next three weeks, I saw significant improvement in all the issues I was experiencing: I gained energy, had less pain in my joints, slept better and also lost around 10 lbs. I don’t think that I could have expected better results than those! To me, this is the beginning of a complete lifestyle change that allows me to take control of my health and my diet and understand how to listen and respond to my body.
— MM - Summit, NJ

Amy was exactly what I needed! She taught me how to eat healthy, make great recipes and change my outlook on food. I truly enjoy cooking with all the new ingredients that she introduced me too and my husband and I have lost weight in addition to have so much more energy! Thank you Amy!
— MM - Bridgewater, NJ

Amy is a wealth of knowledge and I feel lucky to have met her. I am so grateful for the knowledge, motivation and inspiration provided to help me achieve the nutritional and lifestyle changes necessary for my personal well being.
— MM - Berkeley Heights, NJ

After being trained on many diets throughout my life to weigh and measure my food, calculate points, get on the scale, etc... it was really freeing to just focus on feeding myself mindfully with nutritious foods. I never felt deprived and weight dropped and my cravings disappeared.
— AE - Berkeley Heights, NJ

I loved all the meal plans and recipes! And Amy helped me feel in control and healthy! I was shocked that a skin issue that I’ve had for five years actually disappeared after I changed my eating path.
— - JW - Maplewood, NJ

I feel so much healthier, cleaner and energetic as a result of the Reset. I’ve always known how to eat right but this helped me actually make it happen. I am motivated to continue because I feel so much better.
— HG - Summit, NJ

Amy really helped me connect what I’m eating to how I’m feeling... what I eat affects me so much more than I realized!
— CO- Maplewood, NJ