Workshop Topics

Some of the things I like to talk about include:

  • Stand Up to Stress:  Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Reap the Benefits of Stress
  • Good Mood Foods: You Feel What You Eat
  • The Balancing Act: Take Control of Your Changing Hormones
  • Reclaim Your Energy: Simple Strategies to Banish Fatigue and Live Fully Again
  • Healing Your Gut: The First Step to Creating Amazing Health

What Past Workshop Participants Have to Say... 

What I learned from Amy has helped me change the way I shop and prepare food for myself and my family. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and has an amazing repertoire of delicious and healthy recipes!
— Lauren - Summit, NJ
Because of Amy I now look at food in a different way and try to make better choices. I frequent the fresh market more often and have incorporated what I’ve learned into my new daily routine. Amy made our class an enjoyable environment to relax and learn.
— Michelle - Summit, NJ
Amy’s sessions were filled with useful information that greatly facilitated the type of dietary changes I have been trying to make for a long time...I’m grateful to the “kickstart” to re-invigorate my passion for nutrition, healthful eating and wellness!
— Liz - Millburn, NJ
Amy really knows her stuff. I could listen to her all night. So much great information and useful tips. She’s not overbearing and presents facts in a very easy to understand manner. She created a great sharing environment.
— Nicky - Summit, NJ
“Amy presents information in a very approachable way. She brought in recommended brands so we had a visual to go with the name. She made our sessions fun and the group was amazing.
— G.H. - Summit, NJ