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Private Function: Boosting our children's brain health through nutrition

We know that by reading with our children and by helping them their with homework we help our kids succeed in school. But how does what we feed them help or hinder their ability to take on the school day?  Studies have shown that certain “brain foods” can act as fuel to your child’s brain function, mood, memory and concentration while others cause distractibility, hyperactivity, anxiety and mental fuzziness.  

In her discussion, Amy will introduce the top things we can do to help fuel our children’s brains; how to ensure kids are getting beneficial clean proteins, healthy fats and powerful antioxidants; and how to provide nutrition heroes over nutrition zeros. Amy will also share ideas and recipes for yummy, healthy snacks and easy lunchbox menus and how to make brain-boosting breakfasts kids will love. 

Sorry this event is not open to the public.